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Hello! I am a full stack developer from the Alpha 2020 class of LEARN academy here in San Diego. After spending 5 years in a corporate Information Technology administrator position in a multi-state mid to large-sized enterprise (greater than 3,000 employees, less than 1 billion in sales) I decided to make the jump from being an admin that uses tools like PowerShell and FileMaker to learning a full stack of web technologies.

Before leaving, I managed and deployed a project to bring one of our office's databases into a cloud environment, working with an outside vendor, the CEO, and the company controller. This created the foundation for the organization to start to address a decade plus of technical debt.

I am seeking opportunities to apply the lessons learned from the boardroom and the classroom in a place of employment that can engage my technical and soft skills. A place where business and the stakeholder experience meets design, incentives are aligned, and values are not just part of a mission statement, they are fully realized.

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