My Work

Stock Byte

Stock Byte is a portfolio tracking app. After signing up for an account, you can save a portfolio of stock picks that reflect your current holdings. Stock Byte also comes with a playground mode allowing for strategy testing before you commit new trades or for simple bragging rights with your friends using the leaderboard.

This was the capstone team project completed as a graduation requirement for LEARN Academy class of Alpha 2020. The primary features I worked on are the charts and API integration.

Ping Pong

Web browser Pong style game made in Javascript based on the "Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas" course. The base game has been updated with arrow functions, custom colors and text, and adapted to standard HD.

NY Search

A search page for New York Times articles made with React. This project uses the NYT's API linked to a personal developer API key.

Life On Sunday

Text adventure game with ASCII art created in Ruby. I created this flow chart of the user's decision tree.

Toolkit Includes:



Code Editor:


  • Theme: synthwave-x-fluoromachine
  • Font: Monoid
  • Indentation: indent-rainbow
  • Strings: Rainbow String


Project Technologies:

  • Stock Byte
    • Main Languages
      • Ruby on Rails
      • React
      • PostgreSQL
    • Chart Libraries
      • Lightweight-charts
      • Kaktana-react
    • APIs
      • twelvedata
      • Finnhub
      • IEX Cloud
    • Styling
      • Bootstrap
      • Bootswatch
      • Reactstrap
  • Ping Pong
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
  • Article API Search
    • React
    • NYT Article Search API
    • JavaScript
  • Life On Sunday
    • Ruby