Rich and Creamy

NSFW: Inventor of the now retired #boobselfie, I put strange concontions in (at times strange) mouths, and champion of consensual lewdness be it jello bathtub photoshoots or streaming shibari on Twitch that get me banned.

Epic: Normal nights straight out of movies, Tuesday nights like your 21st birthday, and planned experiences that are life changing for attendees.

Geek: At the fandom and industry events that people say they would kill for.

Pop Culture: I’m in your subculture exploiting your memes.

Asian culture: San Diego Asian Cultural Festival and San Diego Asian Night Market founding committee member..

OH quotes: No context anonymous quotes of the randomness around me.

Hashtag Abuse: Since before Instagram existed damn it!

The Oasis in the Desert of Thirst: Not just a wingman “come drink from me”.

All my friends are in demand. They are the thirst makers.

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