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Bon Appetit Bakery Cream Cheese Cake

You want the cake with the 2 cake slices and carafe of milk on it.
Unassuming for how good this cake is.

Despite the fact that I don’t pay attention to the rack at the gas station and convenience stores that carry Bon Appetit Bakery’s baked goods their website and this cake, in particular, are good enough for a blog post and open up a blog category about creamy items I like.

Also check out this testimony:

Image reads: "I would like to declare I have never tasted a cheese cake like your guys, it is the tastiest thing in my whole food experience. Thanks for your time.
I hope Shahid continues to find ever more tasy foods to experience.

Vus.js Documentary

One of our boot camp cohort members brought this up and I’ve finally set aside time to watch it. Learning React meant knowing about Angular and Vue.js but when the Wikimedia Foundation announced picking Vue over React and Angular I bumped up looking into it.

This documentary by Honeypot was way more produced than it had to. (Well being a content marketing advertisement, I suppose they wanted to invest in this documentary series).

It was cool to see how creating an open source project advanced his career. I won’t spoil much so you can watch it for yourself. I will share this note I had in bold while watching this film “Yo damn, everyone wants his autograph