Strawberry Scented Burnout

The staff of SSB drawn in a hot tub with a sushi boat floating in the water
We were going to float a sushi boat in a hot tub and then COVID-19 happened.


Strawberry scented burnout is a webzine and print comic magazine. The comics are situational comedy that sometimes features autobiographical elements. SSB’s articles are about each of the writer’s lives and their experiences/news about the communities they live in.

For example, the lead image on this post is inspired by my knowledge that large sushi boats (usually from catering orders) do in fact float. I am in the middle with a Metal Gear inspired look that is used for comedic effect.

On the next issue release, the theme will be about COVID-19 has affected all of us. One of the pieces is written about #BreadCon, a fictional anime convention that cosplayers dressed up for and posted on the internet.

Cosplayer with bread in her mouth, an anime trope about being late to school
One of our friends SpacePizzaCosplay participating in #BreadCon

The Project

Strawberry Scented Burnout is a WordPress based website that had a broken key feature, the ability to display all SSB related artworks in an organized format.

After receiving an elevated permission role from writer to admin the first order of business was to update the install and plugins. We decided to deactivate the Manga+Press Comic Manager plugin in favor of linking to the already existing comic pages.

Image of the all comics page organized in descending order
Comics are listed in descending order. Click the screen grab to view.

Using the media provided from previous comic posts the “Every Issue!” page displays either a comic cover (if available) or the first page of a comic linking back to the original post.

Image of the oneshots and artwork page
All miscellaneous related artwork can be viewed on this page.

Working with the site owner and founder, Francis Jay Bautista, we created and organized this page pulling from the site media library and social media works. The “One Shots and Artworks” page includes fan art, commission pieces, and mash up person and fictional character ideas that do not necessarily have their own blog post yet.

List of website pages that could not load URL over https
Using Really Simple SSL to scan for https issues

As a bonus to my friends at SSB, I installed the Really Simple SSL PRO plugin and secured the site connection. Updating posts going back to 2013 to fix broken links took several hours however, seeing the lock on the site next to the domain address in a web browser was highly satisfying.

By Richie Edquid

For now, refer to the About page

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